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The supplier (MONEY COUNTING SYSTEMS) and client/s agree to the following terms and conditions in relation to the supplier's product/service. These terms and conditions will apply to the products being provided by the supplier as well as to the after sales service of product/s supplied.
Client: means the buyer or any legal person to whom the seller has a legal business dealing with in regards to the sellers code of business
All quoted prices are valid for the day quoted and up to invoicing and the seller has the right to change any pricing before invoicing with factors of exchange rate fluctuation and factory pricing fluctuation or new stock arrival.
The supplier choose as its domicilium citandi et executandi its place of business for all business related activities at the following address:
Physical address:  11 Churchill avenue , Crosby 2092
Postal address: P.O Box 96202 , Brixton 2019
Telephone: 0861 888840 / (+27) 082 933 6986
Fax: (+27) 086 560 1746
Payment for the product/s ordered or repair services rendered will be paid in full at the time of order/delivery /work done at the prevailing standard pricing/rate quoted by the seller. The consumer shall not withhold any payment in respect of the product/service provided. The supplier cannot provide any product without receiving payment from the consumer beforehand or at the time of delivery.
If the client forfeits payment, the client will be liable for all legal proceedings against the client in order to recover all outstanding funds.
All goods remain vested in MONEY COUNTING SYSTEMS until fully paid
The supplier may elect to make use of any courier service to deliver the product to the consumer or for the consumer to collect goods after making payment and providing the supplier with the proof of payment. The supplier shall consider any form of delivery note as sufficient proof of delivery of the product to the consumer whether delivered or collected. The supplier may in its sole discretion arrange multiple deliveries of the product to the consumer due to reasons of security. The seller is not responsible for any late deliveries and the seller will not be held responsible for any loss incurred during deliveries whether goods damaged or delivered late or lost.
All events during courier/delivery are for the consumers risk. The risk of damage and destruction and of profit and loss shall pass to the consumer on delivery by the supplier, to the address of the consumer. If the client becomes insolvent and cant pay the seller, the seller reserves all rights to take all goods back and cancel any agreement or sale and all expenses incurred shall be to the client/consumer
The consumer/client shall if required arrange insurance on any product/s purchased upon and when to be delivered to the consumer. Ownership of the product shall remain with the supplier until the full amount for the product was paid by the consumer.
The data of the supplier/seller transferred or made available to the consumer/client will:
- at all times remains the property of the supplier/seller;
- not be used by the consumer for any purpose other than in accordance with this terms for the product sold and the consumer indemnities and holds the supplier harmless against any loss or damage or claim due to the fraudulent utilisation of the supplier's data.;
The consumer/client shall not acquire any right, title or interest in the software or documentation of the product including without limitation drawings, patents, trademarks, copy right and trade secrets. The customer shall not sub-license or transfer the software in any way to any third party.
No refunds/credit shall be passed in favour of the client/consumer for goods correctly supplied and which were ordered and are not faulty for which the client seeks to return
No cash refunds will be give to any client/consumer
Any new or demo or refurbished faulty equipment supplied to the client will be rectified either by repair first, if new thereafter failing repair it will be swopped out if the condition is as it was when sold- new
All Exchanges will be considered at the directors discretion providing the client/consumer shall properly insure and pack the product when the product is returned to the supplier when arranged with the supplier.
Repair times are estimates and not binding on the supplier. The consumer authorizes the supplier to carry out any work and to fit any parts which in the opinion of the supplier is necessary to satisfactorily complete the work. If the additional work costs more than the quoted value, then the supplier will obtain the consumer's permission to proceed with said additional work. The consumer agrees that the supplier may obtain my permission for the above by way of a telephone instruction. In the event that the supplier cannot reach the consumer telephonically, then the work will not be carried out.
The consumer is entitled to make use of the product warranty in terms of the suppliers agreement upon sale or repair. The consumer will notify the supplier within the warranty period and provide the supplier with proper proof of purchase and the original packaging of the product. The warranty does not cover consumer negligence or consumer abuse/malicious damage. The supplier has discretion to repair or replace the product or refuse both if warranty conditions are not met. The cost of delivery of the product is for the account of the consumer. The supplier shall not be liable for any consequential loss regarding a defective product. The consumer shall have no claim against the supplier for any failure on the part of the supplier to carry out its obligations due to reasons beyond the control of the supplier. The consumer is hereby informed of the applicable warranty will be void if the consumer does not strictly comply with these terms and conditions and the brochure of the product.
Except as provided for in law or by any express warranty; the supplier's liability will be limited solely to the remedying of the defective service and/or replacing the defective parts and/or goods supplied having regard to the extent of the failure within the specified warranty and not beyond unless chargable to the client by the seller.
It is agreed that the goods sold/service provided by the seller are at the sellers terms and conditions above and no alterations can be made unless approved by the seller in writing.
This terms and agreement is governed by the Laws of the Republic of South Africa and the consumer/client agrees that he/she has read these(sellers) terms and understand well before entering into any transaction .



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