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TELECOUNT Coin Sorter 

Product Code : TC 2000




  •     New release heavy duty compact design coin sorter counter

  •     Sorts , counts and batches coins at once with total value + subtotal display on one screen

  •     Optional printing of count to thermal printer

  •     Digital blue alphanumeric LCM display with touch-button keypad for function control

  •     Anti-jam technology : auto clearing any damaged coins jammed in system

  •     Belt drive coin feed system for regulated coin feeding into machine with low maintenance

  •     New Carbonic chassis designed for high volume counting of coins

  •     Big cups holding up to 200-300 coins/cup varying on denomination

  •     Feed system capacity up to 500+ coins

  •     Count speed: +/- 300 coins/min

  •     Voltage: 220v - 50Hz - 18w

  •     Size: 360mm x 380mm x 241mm

  •     Weight: 6kg



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