TELECOUNT Coin Sorter 


Product Code : TC BJ 18L


  • New release Heavy duty coin sorter / counter with optional printing system

  • New look blue LCD display showing all count and subtotals on one screen

  • Printer linkup(optional) to print out total count with subtotals / pc linkup - rs232 comms onboard

  • Steel ring design feed system with regulated feeding of coins into machine

  • Anti-jam technology for clearing jammed/damaged coins in machine disc

  • Steel design motor stent assembly for hardworking system

  • Heavy duty teflon based chassis and disc system with IR optical sensor count system

  • Coin sorter counter for counting, batching and sorting coins into different cups

  • Sorts and counts in value total with subtotals of all denominations counted

  • Batches coins while counting into desired quantities

  • Preset and pre calibrated making maintenance low and performance high

  • Counting Speed     216-240pcs/min.

  • Hopper Capacity    350?400pcs.

  • Pocket capacity    80?250pcs.

  • Counting number display    6 digits LCD

  • Batch Display    3 digits LCD

  • Power Source    AC220V/50HZ or AC110V/60HZ.

  • Power Consumption    ?45W

  • Unit dimension    329×320×275?mm?

  • Packing Size    384×482×321(mm).

  • N. Weight / G. Weight    4.57kg. and 5.58kg



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