TELECOUNT Coin Sorter 

Product Code : TC 200



  •      Mixed coin counter for counting mixed coins with total value+subtotals

  •      Has filter system on top of machine to screen out all dirt 

  •      Complete steel mechanism from disc to rail to deflector 

  •      Computer setup software built into machine for onsite user setup system 

  •      Has latest bi-metal counting sensor and rejects foreign /damaged during count  

  •      Sensor: coinsure adaptive®

  •      Diameter: 14mm-34mm

  •      Thickness: < 4 mm

  •      Counting speed: max. 200 pcs/min

  •      Dimensions (w x l x h): 200 x 320 x 230mm

  •      Weight: 4,0 kg

  •      Power consumption: 30 w

  •      Power supply: 110v 50 hz / 230v 60 hz



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