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SUPPORT LINE : 0861-88-88-40
SUPPORT LINE : 0861-88-88-40
  •     Heavy-duty multi-currency GERMAN make banknote counter for high speed count and enhanced optimum Fake detection system
  •     Currencies standard loaded -RAND, USD, EURO, GBP  + multi-currency count(any currency worldwide)
  •      100% accurate multi-level enhanced counterfeit detection system using:
  •     UV(ultra-violet) - MT(metal-thread) - MG(magnetic presence code) - IR(infra-red) - SIZE(DD)
  •      Intelligent Fake detection system scanning properties of first counted note with auto tolerance level system for all other notes in bundle
  •      SIZE(DD) detection scanning width of note to detect wrong size note in bundle by short edge difference
  •      2 modes of counting for all currencies RAND , EURO , GBP , USD + worldwide currencies with full FAKE detections on
  •     VALUE BALANCE COUNT- counting one denomination at a time in value and piece & adding count amount to total value with full breakdown subtotals 
  •     PIECE COUNT -  the count mode counts in piece amount at high speed for any currency worldwide
  •      Counts the value of notes with piece amount in rand value - count e.g R50 - 100notes - R5000 in detail breakdown format
  •      ADD mode to count a singular denomination at a time and add the running total of all notes counted
  •      Counting speed of 800 - 1200 - 1500+ notes/min for all currencies
  •      Blue alphanumeric lcd display with 9 digits piece count and full value display - 3 batch digits
  •     Supports multi language screen display for ENGLISH,GERMAN,FRENCH,ITALIAN
  •      Comms ports :  RS232  for pc linkup and optional external customer view lcd display
  •      Low noise high speed friction note counter with ultra-grip durable roller system
  •      incorporating poly-urethane+rubber for easy feeding of wet/soft/new/old notes
  •     Sturdy solid steel chassis with anti-static stacker design and steel retractable handle to carry around
  •     Long-life tactile touch buttons keypad for function control such as batch,mode change,etc
  •      Accurate count system using optical IR(infra-red) counting sensors identifying all chained note errors ,half note errors and double count note errors
  •      Enhanced self -test diagnostic system for full error check on startup and during operation
  •     Hopper capacity: 300 notes ; Stacker capacity: 200 notes
  •      Dimensions: 287mm x243mm x248mm
  •      Colour: Titanium Grey/black face with silver - Power: 220-240v : 50/60hz - 3 pin power cable - Weight: 6.5kg

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