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SUPPORT LINE : 0861-88-88-40
SUPPORT LINE : 0861-88-88-40

  •     New release note counter with optional thermal printer and value count external cutomer view display
  •      Rand(zar) + multi-currency note counter with optional printer.
  •    Full fake detections and size detections complying with all security features required for SA Rand currency
  •     Counts and prints out total count +sub-totals with time and date on printout
  •      Pc linkup to send total count + subtotals to pc software/pos/cms
  •      3D length + 3D width SIZE detecting machine picking up a different note within a specific bundle 
  •     e.g - detecting a r10 within a bundle of r100's
  •     100% accurate counterfeit detection system using:
  •      UV(ultra-violet) -MT(metal-thread)  -  MG(magnetic presence code) -IR(infra-red)
  •    Spectrum analysis for full scan of note condition(whether bent,torn,holes in note)
  •     3 modes of counting - all 3 modes are detecting 100% fake notes:
  •      MIX - for counting all mixed notes with total value and full breakdown with all subtotals.
  •     SORT - this sorts out the wrong note in a specific bundle showing the piece and value of count.
  •      COUNT- the count mode counts in piece amount at high speed with only fake checking running
  •      Counts value of notes with piece amount in rand value - count e.g   r50    - 100notes    -  r5000
  •     Counting speed of 1200 - 1400 - 1600 notes/min  -     Blue alphanumeric lcd display with all count info on one screen with time+date
  •      Comms ports(rj11) for printer linkup / pc link and external display port
  •      Friction type brass feed roller system incorporating poly-urethane+rubber for easy feeding of wet/soft/new/old notes
  •     External customer count view display showing piece count and value
  •     Enhanced self -test diagnostic system for full error check making count operation 100% accurate
  •     Count system using density checking of notes(thickness of notes) identifying all chained feed errors and half note errors and double count note errors.
  •     Usd count and detection incorporated in software
  •     Color: white -    Power: 220-240v : 50/60hz - 3 pin power cable -    Weight: +/- 7kg

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